Google Slides

    I believe Google slides is an effective tool for free usage. I personally do not care for it. Like so many of Googles products they are limited in their functionality. Let's say you have a car that you love and something happens to it that would require a mechanic. Would you take it to the guy down the street who fixes cars by watching YouTube videos or would you take it to a reputable mechanic?

    This is how I feel regarding Google slides. Why would you want to use an inferior product? This is not to say that I do not like Google's products. I think they have a great usage for students who do not have access to Microsoft Office or want to have all their assignments linked to other Google products.

    I think going forward I would love to see Google incorporate more features and make their applications a little more user friendly. I use Google and its applications a lot and sometimes even for an experienced user such as myself I find some of the offerings overly complex to use. They have a great concept in the linked services I look forward to seeing how it continues to develop.




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