I am not sure that I would necessarily use Pinterest in the the classroom, I could see the benefit of finding inspiration from pins and boards. There is a lot of information and great idea's on Pinterest for almost every subject matter. I can certainly see it as being a resource for finding interesting ways to teach a lesson. It is also a great way to connect with other people and share idea's.

Google Slides

I believe Google slides is an effective tool for free usage. I personally do not care for it. Like so many of Googles products they are limited in their functionality. Let's say you have a car that you love and something happens to it that would require a mechanic. Would you take it to the guy down the street who fixes cars by watching YouTube videos or would you take it to a reputable mechanic?

    This is how I feel regarding Google slides. Why would you want to use an inferior product? This is not to say that I do not like Google's products. I think they have a great usage for students who do not have access to Microsoft Office or want to have all their assignments linked to other Google products.

    I think going forward I would love to see Google incorporate more features and make their applications a little more user friendly. I use Google and its applications a lot and sometimes even for an experienced user such as myself I find some of the offerings overly complex…


Over the past week I have been fortunate enough to get to know a fellow classmate a little better. Laura is an interesting woman who through the trials of life has found a desire to be a comfort to other people. I find her compassion and empathy for people to be heartwarming. Laura takes an interest in the well being of those around her in a way that is a refreshing change. Getting to know Laura has been a rewarding experience from her love of her animals to the fact that she is a huge Harry Potter nerd ( her choice of words not mine ).

Why be a teacher?

I want to be the type of educator I never had as a student. I often think about my time in school and the lack of interest the teachers had in the success of their students. This negligent approach to education led many of my classmates and I to just drop out. I didn't come to realize the true value of education and learning until 15 years later.
    Looking back on the decisions I made as a youth I try not to be regretful, but it is difficult when I think of how much further I could be in a career that means something to me. It becomes difficult to think of the years between then and now as I pursue a career I am passionate about as lost time. The benefit to continuing my education now is that I can be a roll model to my son, and show him that education is important and valuable.



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